Black Man in
the Huddle



Stories from the

Integration of

Texas Football


What was it like for young black men growing up in a totally segregated environment and transitioning into an integrated on?  How did they get involved in sports?  How did the facilities, both academic and athletic, compared to the white schools? What colleges recruited them out of high school?  Searching for the answers to these and other questions, Jacobus interviewed some 250 former players, former coaches, and others who were personally involved in the racial integration of Texas public school and college athletic programs.


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Robert D. Jacobus has given us an eye-opening, compelling book about the integration of football in Texas, as well as the often overlooked relationship between sports competition and the breakdown of segregated social systems in the modernizing south.  Beautifully written, Black Man in the Huddle explores how African American athletes, many of whom became household names, achieved great success in their careers despite the Jim Crow barriers facing them.  An uplifting, remarkable story in the evolving history of race relations in the United States....

Highly recommended. 

-James Kirby Martin, Hugh Roy, and Lillie Cranz Cullen, University Professors of History (Emeritus), University of Houston